About Us

| Design | Performance | Value | Service |

These four words define us as a company and keep our team and brand aligned, focused, and stoked to continue to make the best boards in the world for our epic customers.

As it’s our passion to surf and paddle on nature’s playground, we invite you to discover how these four words are the definitive traits of our boards and our brand.

| Design |

Every shape and aesthetic with our boards are completely custom designed and meticulously crafted by experience shapers with thousands of hours of shaping experience. Our materials are the best of the best. Every material used, from the EPS closed cell foam cores, the IXPE foam top decks, the different wooden stringers and bottom decks, etc is custom designed and uniquely made only for South Bay Board Co. We cut out the middle man & used the extra money to make these boards the best they can possibly be.

| Performance |

Every contour, curve, rail, and board shape is specifically designed into our boards to maximize their performance capabilities over the competition. We rigorously test every shape and material design until the shapes are PERFECT and something we are proud to surf and share with the world. We know the boards we make are stronger, faster, easier to paddle, and genuinely more fun better than anything else out there on the market.

| Value |

By selling direct to you, we are able to cut out the retail store markup. We use that extra money from ‘surf shop margin’ to further improve our boards to guarantee the best bang for your buck in the industry. We don’t have contracts with surf shops like other big surf brands, and we do it on purpose. Those brands in a surf shop have “MAP” pricing restrictions to guarantee surf shops make enough margin off of you (aka they jack up the price you pay)…We’re not down with that. We literally tell surf shops “No Thank You, we don’t want you to carry our boards” so that we can make sure that we offer the highest quality boards at the best value prices direct to you!

| Service |

We are a family owned and operated company. Sophia is the Queen of our family and this company. She ingrained into this brand and everyone who works here that our customers are our family, and they should be treated as such. Check our impeccable 5 Star track record, our customer service is with real humans (no bots) and is the best in industry. We truly have your back and we literally bend over backwards to make sure you are completely stoked with your order.


South Bay Board Co. is a family owned and operated Board & Beach Company. We realized the Surf & SUP industry was prioritizing big box stores and surf shops over YOU, the customer. We knew we could make way better boards for beginner and intermediate surfers and paddlers, so we had to send it - and we are very happy we did!

We started up our board brand with a few custom beginner surfboards and inflatable paddle boards. From early beginnings to this very day, we instill a great pride into our custom designs, materials, and shapes that truly make our boards unique and the best in the world.

Our mission is simply to provide the absolute best quality materials and premium performance focused shapes to you without breaking your bank account. We wanted to ensure that if you did decide to spend your hard earned money on an epic new SBBC board, that you would be absolutely stoked on your order, from the unboxing all the way to the last session with it out in the water!

Our board’s shapes, colors, and materials have been heavily influenced by our love and passion for nature, specifically the Ocean. We wanted to pay tribute to mother nature with the beautiful colors and patterns we are lucky enough to see and experience. Our shapes and materials are specifically designed and chosen, with the sole intent of delivering you the best possible board that works even better than it looks.

When we started, it was pretty hectic. From storing boards in garages, bedrooms, living rooms, public storage rooms scattered across the south bay, our beginnings were anything but smooth. However, our focus on delivering incredibly high-value in every product we make combined, with hard work, a lot of help from our friends, and the incredibly support of our community has helped grow South Bay Board Co. into one of the Biggest & Best Surfboard, Paddle Board, and Beach Brands in the World today.

Our boards and beach products are sold in most major online marketplaces all over the world, which includes USA, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Brazil, and more on the way.

We now operate out of 2 large, separate warehouse locations. Our HQ is in the South Bay of Los Angeles, CA to quickly ship and service all of our West Coast customers and our second location is in Greensboro, NC to quickly ship and service our East Coast customers.

We absolutely love what we do, we love the products we make and use literally every day, and we know we have a phenomenal board that’s perfect just for you!